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How To Use Kia Navigation System

Navigation System  

Once you activate your Kia's navigation, you'll have access to many great features, including getting quick and convenient directions to all the places you want to go. Luckily, setup is simple for Kia's navigation system when you follow a few basic steps.

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How To Operate Kia Rear Cross Traffic Alert?

Kia Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Backing your vehicle up can be a challenge regardless of what size vehicle you have. There is bound to be blind spots in even the best designed vehicle. If you are trying to navigate a tight driveway or road, your Kia vehicle’s rear cross-traffic alert system can help you out. While your sensors aren’t designed to pick up on moving obstacles that are directly behind you, your sensors that are part of rear cross traffic alert will work with the rear view camera to provide you with a full picture all around your vehicle.

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Time for a New Battery? These Warning Signs Will Let You Know

Your car’s battery is obviously a very important part of your vehicle’s overall health, ensuring that you’re not left stranded at the mall on a hot summer day. To help avoid such situations, we’ve put together a few warning signs that drivers should look for if your car’s battery is about to give out. Keep these tips on hand so that you always know when to bring your car in for battery service or replacement.

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Three Car Repairs You Should Never Try at Home

It might be tempting to try and do a large maintenance or repair job on your new or used Kia, relying on those “Fix Problem X Yourself for Only $50” articles you see floating around the internet. And while some smaller jobs can be done at home, experts almost always agree that doing any large automotive repair in your driveway can turn that $50 into $500 very quickly. To that end, we’ve put together a list of some of the repair jobs you should never attempt on your own.

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How to Easily Jump Start Your Car

Under the Hood: 2020 Kia Stinger GTS  

No matter how dependable your car has been, at some point, your battery can die and won't be able to start your car. A car's battery can die for several reasons - from the winter cold to the summer heat, and even to leaving your lights on overnight. If your battery is dead, you'll need to know how to give it a boost. We've listed out a few simple steps on how to jump-start your car successfully, so you can get back on the road of life quickly and easily.

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