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Subprime Auto Loans in Phoenix, AZ 

You may have heard that good credit is the optimal situation for buying a car and securing an auto loan. However, here at our dealership, we can assist customers with excellent credit, good credit, no credit and bad credit. Big Ted the Credit King of Camelback Road is willing to help people with all types of credit situations by going through a range of lenders to find the best deal. 

Will Financing a Car Help My Credit? 

If your credit is less than ideal, securing a car loan can help increase your score over time. When you secure financing at Camelback Kia, your benefits include no mileage restrictions and long-term savings after payoff among others. Bad credit car loans are a good option for first-time buyers, students and those with negative credit history. These auto loans are fully approved by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which means they are just as safe as any other type of auto loan. Securing a loan shouldn't have a strong initial impact on your credit score and, as you start to make on-time payments, you'll eventually see your score go up.


Financial gurus often recommended getting a bad credit auto loan if your credit score needs help. The reason is that the loans are relatively easy to get and also that installment loans have a much better impact on your score than revolving credit. For those with lower credit scores, getting a mortgage is usually not feasible and revolving credit can only help so much. On the other hand, a subprime auto loan can help you build credit quickly and safely with a much smaller investment. 

Is There a Minimum Credit Score to Finance a Car? 

Our dealership is willing to work with you to help you find lending opportunities that might work for your individual situation. By financing a car you can enjoy higher purchasing power to get a reliable vehicle. Not everyone has a large chunk of cash to put down on a good used car and especially not if you're recovering from a trying financial situation. An auto loan can put you back in control of your credit score and get you a good vehicle for a monthly payment that you can afford. 

Big Ted the Credit King of Camelback Road is willing to help anyone interested in financing a car find the package that's right for them. Give us a call or stop in today to find out more.






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