Kia Ready For Spring

Salt, sleet, sand, and ice do a number on your car. And in winter, you get them all at once! Imagine driving through a pothole-covered street, letting your car sit for days on the beach, and then letting water freeze on its exterior. This is essentially what your Kia endures over the winter. Understandably, you'll want to get it in top shape for the spring! You might be able to check the tire treads and remove surface-level scratches on your own. But for more extensive service, we are here to help. At a minimum, springtime maintenance should include the following items.

Prepare A Tire and Alignment Inspection

Driving over potholes quickly wears out your car's tires. This is especially true if you drive on the same tires year-round. Therefore, it is important to have the tires checked in spring to make sure they are properly inflated and not worn. A mechanic can also check for signs of uneven wear. If your car has a tire pressure monitoring system, pay attention to any warning lights that the tires need air.

Get An Oil Change


Generally, a car will need an oil change several times a year. If the oil has not been looked at since the fall, the spring season is a great time to have it evaluated. Oil can change viscosity during the winter, which can affect the engine's performance. A mechanic can check the condition of the oil and either replace it with the same kind or switch to a lighter weight oil for warmer weather. At the time of an oil inspection, your mechanic can also look for cracks and leaks.

Give Your Vehicle a Thorough Wash

You've probably already decided that you are going to wash and vacuum your car when warmer weather arrives. This is a good start, but you'll need to make sure the under body gets washed off, too. Salt and grime can accumulate beneath the car. Unfortunately, you can't see it unless you are looking underneath the car. However, letting it sit there can cause the components to rust and corrode.

Paint and Body Repair

Another place rust can develop (and one that's more apparent) is on the exterior. Over time, the body of your car is exposed to chips, dents, and scratches. They may seem like minor annoyances to you, but leaving them unprotected against winter's cold air and salt can make them worse. You might be able to remove surface-level scratches by using over-the-counter scratch removal products. But if the scratches are deeper or cover a large area, you are better off taking your car to a body shop for repairs. There, a specialist can apply a new layer of paint and a protective coating to keep rust from developing.

After enduring a long, cold winter, your Kia deserves some kind care in the spring. You can't take care of all its maintenance and repair needs on your own, but that's just where we step in to help. After the snow melts, be sure to contact us to have your car checked out and prepared for the upcoming season.

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