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Get Your Kia Prepared for Spring

Kia Ready For Spring

Salt, sleet, sand, and ice do a number on your car. And in winter, you get them all at once! Imagine driving through a pothole-covered street, letting your car sit for days on the beach, and then letting water freeze on its exterior. This is essentially what your Kia endures over the winter. Understandably, you'll want to get it in top shape for the spring! You might be able to check the tire treads and remove surface-level scratches on your own. But for more extensive service, we are here to help. At a minimum, springtime maintenance should include the…

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How To Operate Kia Rear Cross Traffic Alert?

Kia Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Backing your vehicle up can be a challenge regardless of what size vehicle you have. There is bound to be blind spots in even the best designed vehicle. If you are trying to navigate a tight driveway or road, your Kia vehicle’s rear cross-traffic alert system can help you out. While your sensors aren’t designed to pick up on moving obstacles that are directly behind you, your sensors that are part of rear cross traffic alert will work with the rear view camera to provide you with a full picture all around your vehicle.

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