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Kia is a very well-known brand, both for quality and economy. You get well-known advanced features for less and in a sometimes smaller package. It's trendy, sporty, and on the go, a brand that is well-known for deals. Here at Camelback Kia, we want to help you get the fairest financing options on the planet. Our finance department is some of the best in the business at working with lenders to ensure that our customers go home in a Kia that makes them proud. As always, customers often wonder if financing is even a good idea. We're here to help clear up that question.

Is Financing a Car a Good Idea?

Obviously, if you can't afford the monthly payments set forth in a finance plan, you shouldn't finance. That's a given. However, no matter what your credit rating is, financing is a fantastic option if you can afford the monthly payments. To do this, you'll need sufficient income over the term of repayment. Do you have that? If so, financing can bring great benefits into your life. Even if you have a low credit score, you'll find that if you make your auto loan payments on time, your credit gradually increases. And at a later date, you can refinance your vehicle and get lower interest rates based on that new credit rating.

In addition to building a healthy credit score, an auto loan is beneficial if you do not have cash to pay for a vehicle outright, or if you don't want to spend your entire savings on a single purchase. A loan provides you with greater financial flexibility, which is a big perk for most car shoppers.

When you're done paying off your vehicle, it's yours to trade in or sell, meaning that you get some of your investment back. That amounts to more savings. The primary perk of financing, though, is giving yourself the opportunity to drive a premium Kia-- the Kia you want to drive, not just the Kia you could afford to pay for on day one. This means you get a better car.

Is There a Minimum Credit Score to Finance a Car?

Many people wonder if there's a magic credit score to qualify for an auto loan, and the short of it is that no, there isn't. But there's a credit range you can generally look to if you want an idea of whether or not you'll be approved. A credit score over 700 is going to generally get you some of the best interest rates in the business while a credit score under 600, all the way down to 500, is going to mean you're paying much higher interest rates but you still might qualify if you have sufficient income. If you're financing a used car, things get even brighter. For a used car, a 655 credit score is generally good enough to get you very low interest rates (as low as 2.6%).

The moral of the story is don't be afraid to apply! Our team here at Camelback Kia is going to work with your regardless and analyze your situation carefully to ensure that you have your best chance to be approved. Contact us today!

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