The Kia Soul 2020 packs a mean punch with its newest features, with the 201 horsepower turbo engine topping that list.

How Has the 2020 Soul Been Redesigned?

The latest Kia Soul 2020 redesign has given it a favorable edge when pitted with other brands of the same caliber. This compact car has a good ride, has comfort covered, has ample space, has a vibrant personality. Some people would refer to the Kia Soul as a subcompact sports utility vehicle or a hatchback. It’s truly stellar when it comes to providing cargo space, with almost 25 cubic feet that’s enough to fit pieces of luggage for a family. On top of that, this model is extra generous with comfy seats and spacious legroom for the 5 passengers that can fit into it. Kia has also kept children in mind, making it possible to attach two car seats with the renowned LATCH system.

Is the Kia Soul User Friendly?

Taking it to the road, the Kia Soul is very driver user-friendly and in terms of performance, it has more than enough sufficient force thanks to its remarkable powertrain. This revamped version possesses seventeen more horsepower than the previous version. In addition, it offers better fuel consumption by around 2mpg, which makes it even more cost efficient. Employing the CVT technology, which stands for continuously variable automatic transmission, sets this model above everyone else. This is a better transmission system compared to the usual six speed auto transmission in most vehicles.

The new Soul also gets are larger touch screen compared to the others in the market. The buyer can opt between using two digital platforms: CarPlay by Apple or Auto by Android. Taking things up a notch, the manufacturers have taken into account the latest lifestyle choices people have been making. Thus, they offer a wireless device charger, USB ports, Bluetooth, designer speakers, and other gadgetry to keep up with the techie world, including its demanding digital citizens.

Smart technology has been taken advantage of by Kia. There’s a lane keep assist that allows the car to warn the driver when the vehicle is veering off its lane. Moreover, there’s a monitoring system for drivers who feel sluggish and sleepy. Warnings will tell the driver and passengers that the driver needs to rest.

The Kia Soul proudly offers value for money because it costs significantly less when compared to its counterparts. This Soul is easy to drive, rides super smooth, and has no problems engaging turns as it pivots quite nicely. It’s a reliable and comfortable vehicle that would get you safely from point A to point B, without compromising on style.

Check It Out Today at Camelback Kia

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