Kia Niro Google Assistant

Kia is working hard to remain competitive in the auto industry by incorporating advanced technology into select vehicles. To enhance the driver experience and make it more enjoyable and functional, Kia is adding Google Assistant to many of its 2018 models. Voice assistants are becoming more common in new models of cars and can perform a handful of functions while the vehicle is operating or is turned off.

The announcement closely follows Panasonic's CES decision to also use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Onboard.

Kia models that will have Google Assistant are built with the UVO infotainment systems. These models include the Soul EV, Niro PHEV, K900, and Optima PHEV. Drivers will be able to start or stop the engine, lock the doors, or use the horn and lights with voice commands using the app or assistant. Kia described the Google Assistant as an "easy-to-use voice assistant that enhances the owner experience." You can multitask while staying focused on the road ahead.

Other functions that can be performed by the voice assistant include adjusting the temperature and climate in the cabin. It can also be used to control the charge of a Soul EV or Niro PHEV. The Google Assistant app can be installed on a smartphone and used to perform commands even when you're away from the vehicle. You can quickly lock your car by speaking to the assistant on your app while several miles away from where the car is parked.

The voice assistant makes it easy to get on the go as quickly as possible without having to find the right controls to adjust the settings in the cars. You can get your car ready and warmed up while getting ready to leave your home. It also allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and avoid distracted driving with simple commands, which can reduce the risk of a collision.

A Kia representative stated, "We will be rolling out this feature into all [Kia] cars over the next two years." The feature is considered to be the main competitor of Amazon Alexa. Mercedes Benz is currently using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Genesis, another luxury automaker, also has Amazon Alexa capabilities. Additional Kia models are also expected to include Google Assistant soon.

The newest feature is a natural addition to cars as more people are relying on technology to perform various tasks throughout the day, both at the office and in their home. They can continue to utilize tech features on the road and enjoy owning a smart vehicle that is simple and easy to use without coming with a high price tag. Google Assistant is already available on over 400 million devices and is expected to expand in the future with more commands.

If you want to learn more about the 2018 Kia models that feature the voice assistant, schedule a test drive of one of the vehicles at our dealership today! We'll be happy to introduce you to each model and help you browse our extensive inventory of cars.

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